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Sunday, 17 December 2017 10:32

Moose Milk

             So I came across this Blog Cook With Mitch that was discussing Moose Milk, a traditional holiday drink of members of the Canadian Armed Forces. I noted the recipes while close seemed a little New Age so below is the real Canadian Army recipe followed by the New Age (wimpier) :wink: versions from the blog. Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly :) Merry Christmas All.





The Real Army Version of Moose Milk

40oz Dark Rum
40oz Canadian Rye Whiskey
26oz Brandy
1 Gallon Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Gallon Egg Nog
Nutmeg to garnish

Canadian Navy Moose Milk

1.14 litre dark rum
1.14 litre Kahlua
1.14 litre vodka
4 litres of vanilla soft scoop ice cream
4 litres of homogonized milk

Mix gently until frothy with still a few ice cream lumps. Liberally sprinkle nutmeg over top. Enjoy and give vehicle keys to a party staying sober.

Canadian Army Moose Milk

40oz Lambs Dark Rum
40oz Kahlua
40oz Vodka
1 gallon Vanilla Ice Cream (the good creamy expensive kind)
1 gallon eggnog

Mix all together, breaking up the ice cream a bit. Sprinkle nutmeg on top if you so desire. Stir occasionally as the ice cream starts to melt. Enjoy!

Canadian Air Force
Messes traditionally serve “Moose Milk” at their New Year’s Levees. This alcoholic concoction contains no moose milk whatsoever. The recipes vary, but tend to include eggs, sugar, maple syrup, cream, or ice cream, and some combination of rye whiskey and rum.
The Official (well…sort of) Recipe for RCAF Moose Milk

Anyways, here’s another Canadian recipe for Moose Milk – metric of course.

1 l rum
1 l Kahlua
1 l vodka
3 l vanilla ice cream (softened)
3 l 1% milk (just to be diet conscious)
chocolate pieces (break up a dark chocolate candy bar or two- this is the added secret moose poop garnish)

Stir together, leave in some lumps. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

You may need to play with the proportions to suit your palate. It does make a lot, but that usually doesn’t seem to be a problem, somehow it gets used up. Can leave you with a bit of a hangover, probably all that milk. Or maybe it’s heading out for spicy food after – been there, done that.

Note: Courtesy of Cape Breton Post

MOOSE MILK WARNING – Within anything from a few minutes to an hour after imbibing on Moose Milk you will begin to feel the benefits.

Initially a mild feeling of euphoria will overtake you as your metabolism increases its efficiency. Within a very short period thereafter, you will note various other benefits including a massive increase in confidence, pride, intelligence and magnetism to the opposite sex. There are only two possible negative side effects and they can be avoided by following these warnings:

1. If you feel the urge to paw the ground and run head long into a member of the opposite sex. Resist. Your really not that sexy.

2. Despite the strong cravings you will undoubtedly feel for more moose milk, under no circumstances should you attempt to milk a moose on your own; this job is strictly for the professionals.

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