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Mom Convinces Daughter She Baked The Turkey’s Baby, Then Films It

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1 year 7 months ago #6435 by David
Nerissa Hawkinson was planning a practical joke. Nerissa is a mother of two daughters, Raquel and Nicole. The joke was to convince her daughters that the turkey they had just cooked was actually pregnant, and there was a baby turkey inside!
The turkey had just spent all day in the oven. Raquel began to remove the stuffing to prep it for the big Thanksgiving dinner. Mom is holding the camera, watching Raquel remove the stuffing and Nicole is having a small giggle behind Raquel. Raquel has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen. Raquel hasn’t found the “baby” yet, so Mom wants to make sure she gets all of the stuffing out.
Then, Raquel pauses. She found it, the “baby turkey”.
Raquel is absolutely shocked.
“Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey? Oh my god, what is this? Mom, this isn’t funny. I’m crying. Mom, there’s a baby turkey. It’s a girl”, she says.
Raquel has no idea that it’s actually a Cornish hen and is really worried. Mom then reveals that it was a joke. Raquel is now crying and laughing at the joke. Nicole, on the other hand, is laughing so hard she is on the floor.

The joke had us laughing pretty hard too. Raquel’s reaction is priceless. After Nerissa uploaded the video, it went insanely viral, getting over 13 million hits! Raquel took the joke in stride as her mother uploaded the video to the internet.

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