Boot Düsseldorf Germany

Written by Roel Jansen
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Boot Düsseldorf Germany, is claimed to be the biggest Boat show on the Globe. Normally 17 of the 18 big Halls are used to show all water sport related topics. What was  the agenda for daily events and demonstrations and in the number of the Hall you can find in a booklet you got at the entrance where it was held or exposed. To give an impression:

Hall 1 Beachworld: All about what goes on at the beach from wakeboard to Skimboard show.

Hall 3 Diving: All about it from under water Photography till Where are the best spot to dive in the World.

Hall 4 Water Pixel World: Workshops for under water photography

Hall 10 Water sport Mobile: Kite surfing with a motor boat, Hybrid outboards.

Hall 12 Sport Fishing Center.

Hall 13 Holliday World: Boat charter companies from all over the Globe.

Hall 14 Water Sport arena: Divers demonstration with small sail boats in a big swimming pool.

Hall 15 Classic Forum Videos about old classic Sail boats.

Hall 17 Sailing Center: Videos about sailing adventures.

And in all the other Halls boats from Dinky's till big Mega Yachts. What was clear the Boat building and sellers still have a difficult time. Compared to the show before the financial crises there are differences. Lesser models of the boats are shown. But also slogans on the boats like: Will you buy this boat for less? Talk to us! Bayliner and SeaRay had  separate stands, last year they hadn't. No Meridian motor yachts were shown. Not very impressive stands. SeaRay was better but not were the visitors to those stands.  But that will be probably better coming weekend because of better weather conditions. For American Sport boat builders there is fierce competition coming from some European Brands like the French Jeaneau, Beneteau and the German Bavaria. Also Poland with divers brands is penetrating the Sport Boat market with very attractive pricing. I am aware that the European markets for Bayliner and SeaRay can't be compared to the North American market but if the financial situation doesn't change some dealers will come in difficulty and if the new boat selling becomes worse I think it will become very difficult to sell their boats over here in Europe. 

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