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The brilliant bureaucrats at Parks Canada have figured out that they should hold the Rideau & Trent systems for ransom. There is very little I can say to illustrate how dumb this is compared to what they say themselves.

I had to type this manually because it will not cut and paste so I hope it is right.

My 38 would cause me to pay about $30.00 per lock - depending on the size of the lock and $76.00 overnight between locks as I read it and if this goes through .

The Save our Rideau people have crafted well reasoned and logical responses on their site but of course logic was never really very important to the great administrators of our government.

For any BOC members who have connections in the communities en route of either the Trent or Severn, I think their Councils or Chambers of Commerce might make more of a difference to the decision makers. As boaters we are probably considered fair targets for greedy tax collectors so we cannot lobby very well but those communities can.  

From my own perspective I was going to do the Trent again this summer and had budgeted about $5,000  fees, fuel and all to come up from Windsor and make the circuit. This fee change will put the trip up to about $7,000 as I calculate it. I think I will do the Erie Canal instead. It will be about $3,000 all in. The Trent now gets zero - so how much does that help their revenue stream?



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