500 years ago

Written by Roel J
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This month it is 500 years ago that Mercator was born! Who is or better was Mercator. Mercator was born as Gerard de Kremer in the east of flanders in the village of Rupelmonde in the year 1512. As that region was part of the republic of The Netherlands he was Dutch. He was the first who made a paper chart with one sailors good navigate. The flat projection on paper of the earth was called the Mercator projection named after de Kremer's Latin name was.

To day we still use his projection for paper charts and Chart plotter charts.  It's hardly possible to peel an orange and lay the skin flat on a table. That was the reason that in the beginning there were faults in those charts but a lot of them were very good. Over here the Maritiem Museum of Rotterdam has a celebration exposition with very rare charts and the Globes Mercator made. So if we think we use the latest state of the art technology when we buy a Chart plotter  it kan only work with plus minis 450 year old craft man ship and scienence.

Roel J. 

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