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Would boaters send a dollar each to be informed? The industry does not think so.
                                             WHAT DO YOU GET FOR A DOLLAR

One of the blog readers has brought up a valuable point which goes to the very heart of this discussion, he wanted to be sure that readers are well informed and do not make decisions based on what they read, will the readers make bad decisions about there purchases or they way they run their boats. I can not agree more. Boat Nut provides information to make you think about boating and your boat. Boat Nut does not advise you one way or the other regarding boats brands or products to purchase. We invite any one who has an opinion or a topic of interest to contact us. This being said I know not everyone will agree with a shared opinion, but it is a start. If a blog makes you think about or begin to discuss a topic then we are half way there. The divisions of opinion are healthy to have, if you are passionate about the topic I invite you to write about it the goal is to get as much real world experiences out there for the boating community to read. Boat Nut was told that we would never get the interest of Power Boaters that there was no market ( this was mainly from companies that I had worked with in the US). I have lived and worked in the US and Canada over the past 35 years and there are unique issues and problems associated with different regions and environments. To expand the amount and quality of information we provide we need to first get some topics out there and see what the response is. Boat Nut can then provide more detailed postings on specific topics. The fact is that even the research we do is a lot of time miss informed when you compare it to real life, A great example of this was this year a Sea Ray yacht was weighed on a scale and the numbers were so far of the published numbers it was not even funny but not surprising. If I got into the reasons why this could happen I would have to write a book. this was a brand new undelivered boat based on dry weight, so if we provide real world information and we are compared to published details our information maybe quite a bit different than you expect. And that is the whole idea real world cause and effect,or experiences for the public to think about.  

Today when we go to make a purchase we all go on line to shop for the best deal and to become informed about the best products with the best warranty, we look for public input and feedback. Buyers do not believe all the hype and propaganda that manufacturers pepper us with, we want real opinions and feed back. Once we have the information we are looking for then we go and make the purchase. The boating industry is no different a good example of this was the 2015 Toronto Boat Show. Overall attendance was down but sales were up. Consumers are making up there mind what they want before they go out to buy.In the automotive industry there is are masses of consumer information available, a lot of quality non bias information. This is represented by the show Top Gear (the worlds most popular show) were the hosts can actually speak their mind and tell you a car is not worth a dam. I respect this candid opinion. When you consider what is spent on average to purchase and own a boat, you would think that this would be straight forward? The same information would be and should be available, but is it?

Goolge search the topic the most popular power boat ever? the safest power boat ever?or the best power boat ever and see what the response is, The bottom line is that there is more information on super yachts than pleasure boats, I really do not care about the sexiest boat design. I am looking for non bias well presented honest information, were is it? The problem is there is very little interest at most levels to discuss this topic. Maybe it is fear that lots of boats are crap, or if we are honest boats are expensive to own and we do not want those secrets to get out! Boat Nut really wants to provide real facts and feedback about power boats, the boats the cost of ownership and related topics, but we must be able to prove there is a market for this information.

                                    MAP OF OUR READERS AROUND THE WORLD

The only way we see of doing this , and i mean globally we have readers all over the world is to ask you to take a genuine interest and spend a dollar each.If it is to difficult to break away from a dollar at least contact us so we can let the industry know that there is a market and power boaters are not just out spending money blindly on our passion. If you can support us I gaurantee you coverage on topics that will open your eyes save you money.

Seriously are you the boaters really interested in knowing about the industry you support, if you are then spend a dollar. Boaters spend masses of cash (another question how much do boaters spend?) and are limited in opinions compared to other products that are lifestyle related, there is more information on cell phones and cottages than boats out there.

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