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Our site is dedicated to boating enthusiasts worldwide regardless of make, model or type of boat. Here, we encourage the discussion of all aspects of boat ownership and the boating lifestyle. We provide information in many formats and topics like our Videos on Fiberglass Repair. Marine Upholstery, Marine Repairs and many other great videos. Access our informative Articles, view our library of boating manuals or discuss boating topic in our Forum.

Whether you are looking for your first boat or currently own one, you are sure to feel at home on BaylinerOwnersClub.ca Registration is FreeJoin our Club today.­

Here you will find many informative articles on topics such as Cruising, Technical Repairs, Tips the Environment, Safety and more.­
View and download repair, service or owners manuals from our selection of manuals. We have many manuals available for Mercury Marine, Bayliner, OMC and more.­
Browse our CBOC Forum for FAQ, Marine Store News, Technical Discussions or just chat with other boaters about boating and fishing on The Dock Walk­
Check out our selection of videos on Bayliner Boats, Fishing, Fiberglass Repair, Marine Repair, Marine Upholstery and more.
As a service to our members we have our very own online marine supply store Bayliner Marine Supply. We provide the boating community with quality marine equipment and electronics from manufacturers like Raymarine, Furuno, Navico, Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, Fusion, Lumitec and more, all at low prices https://baylinermarinesupply.com
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